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April 30, 2011
Hey – working, making meals, maintaining the yard and house, grocery shopping, paying bills, visiting friends and relatives, having children and all that goes with it, is what’s the norm for those who come into their fantasy of ‘settling down’. It’s not so bad, or maybe not so good for those with perhaps higher ‘visions’ of living. A palatable, functional life, however, is likely an existence that never opens the doors to a more courageous, personal evolutionary spiritual being.

Consumed by anything that takes away from the ‘time out’ to go inside, and find out who you really are, as well as the secrets to opening the doors of a deep love within, is to close the doors of inner growth. Life is a choice to just trudge through, or seek outer desires, both at the expense of the inner journey which is the choice of the wise who seek the truths of life and love. Life, more likely, often becomes a serious medical condition for those who live it without the awareness, and realization of the best choices offered.

Life is a special occasion that as a Michael, Janet, or you, will never again be an opportunity to see, and experience the godliness that is readily available to all who take the time to see. It’s easy to ‘flit away’ the years enabling life to fleet by without asking oneself, ‘is this really the best choice I’m making’? I was raised in a small logging town of around a 1,000 people below the rain forests of Washington State. Mom was a ‘stay at home mother’, and dad had a good paying job as a foreman at a local pulp mill. Neither had more than a high school education, but as the oldest of 7, I was able to get the best view of the ‘raising of kids’. From my perspective, it looked to be an easy choice for me, but why do it, since I already had experienced it? Everything was too ‘hunky-dory’.

At this time of life, where experiences are far more abundant, and available to learn about life, freedom of choices has been a most fascinating path. Making lots of money, which I was working at in the corporate financial world of New York City, after 15 years appeared to just be a higher extension of living on the ‘satisfactory road’ that ‘everyone else’ in my circles was choosing. The alternate choice was to live exactly where I wanted, the way I wanted, and mostly to follow my inner consciousness journey as well as assisting others in doing like wise. The best choice of living is to move beyond ‘hunky-dory’ into exploring the depths of the mysteries of life and love, and actively contribute to a more conscious world.


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