Gridlock of the Heart

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Gridlock of the Heart

April 27, 2011
The mind controls the door to the heart. The mind popularly finds itself at the intersection of a gridlock that keeps the flow to the heart at a trickle or like an immovable parking lot. The ‘lubricant of the universe’ to unlock the heart, is through
the breath of life. Taking the brake off the mind is essential in letting go of the attachments to the negatives of the past. Carrying perceptions that may well have ‘unlocking’ answers that would free the attachment to challenges of the past, frees the conscious energy of the mind for unlimited access to the heart.

Being overly Anal — ‘litical’ is to be imbedded in the glue of the mind that does not want to let go, and ultimately creating a ‘gridlock’. The mind that works apart from the heart always becomes a personal gridlock of actions that are counter to a free and pleasurable life. The mind alone in time finds itself unconsciously feeding the seven deadly sins like greed, jealousy, lust, anger, and even some other causes of ‘mental gridlock’ like fear, ignorance, beliefs, and just looping patterns of habits detrimental to breaking through to a ‘new and better’ you.

All of our relationships, be they personal or social, have gone mad, and have become poisonous and antithetical to a loving, blissful, joyful existence. A revolution is needed to overturn the poison attachments to the past that are riddled with pain, fear, and ignorance. The ‘revolution’ has to be of the mind, but needs the heart to assist in transforming the mind that takes the easy way to solutions. The mass mind is dark and negative, with only infrequent visions of light or positivity.

The mind must get outside of the comfort of itself, and look at the ‘big picture’ of all matters void of the myopic influences of the culture, politicians, religions, corporate advertising, and all ‘mind control’, even family traditions need be examined for negativity. The mind and heart need to be free, loving, and aware, unattached to what others think, or what you have been clinging too. The insanity of the past has come to a peak and breaking point. Each has the answers needing just to be unlocked from within, and activated in ‘real life time’. Daming up freedom of expression is a gridlock of life’s awaiting expressions. We need to put more fire in the will to live and love!

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