Fairy Tale Romance

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Fairy Tale Romance


April 28, 2011
Romance is real, but so are it’s consequences. Princess Diane and Prince Charles of England Royalty lived what appeared to be a Fairy tale for a few short years(?). It seemed a few short years later that it became apparent that Charles courted his love with another woman, and heartfelt, loved by many, Princess Di was killed in a horrific car crash in August 1997 leaving two children behind, William (15) and Harry (12). Now more that a decade later Prince William has his ‘Princess in Matrimony’. Appearances in nearly all marriages are very different than the reality.

Everything has its time and place. Romance is the blossoming of two consciousness’s merging into a bliss and joy unknown in any other aspect of life. Some couples seem to miss those moments, others are blessed to experience the joy for months, a few more for a year or more, and rare couples remain in an altered treasured state for life. Then there are very rare ones who know that the peaks of love have their time, and it’s intuitively a key to lovingly move on in a loving, harmonious gratitude while being forever deeply enriched from the experience.

Sadly, most people have illusions that their life will be transformed into the peaks of love forever after, until reality falls upon them. In any professional sport, no one lasts who’s not among the very best in their position. So it is with coupling or marriage, only those who are clear, positive, compassionate, and loving with themselves have any chance of an outstanding connection. Also, the other must have the same qualities, or worst case, be able to relentlessly agree to communicate in a positive way about all circumstances that they find ‘challenging’ to their partner, who does the same.

Your life needs to be seen as a miracle of a deep self love of the ‘inner you’, daily moving through the challenges of ‘rain or snow’ that may befall you. A ‘quality you inside’, seeks the same, and if it does not happen, you will be more blessed than those who settled for the ‘fairy tale’ that hit the quick sand of who they really were before the romantic connection. Always, love can be found alone, although of a different high quality through different forms of meditation. Why rush into the ocean not knowing how to swim when it’s best to learn how, or stay up on the beach. Life is but like a dream for those mindful, and in the vulnerable heart.

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