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April 25, 2011
Where love is, guilt isn’t. ‘Common love’ I call ‘lugh’. Lugh is love that never reached it’s zenith or pinnacles that were there before the ‘blame game’ started. Once the ‘blame game’ starts, rarely is it reversible as all relationships fall into a ‘looping’ comfort zone of basic survival with continued flawed communication. There is no end in sight. Two relatively ‘clear’ people rise above the ‘talk flaws’ of the troubled couples, but all it takes is one in the coupling who plays the blame game, projecting it on the other with out taking ownership that they initiated it.

When you love typically, it is just so-so, skin deep. Scratch the surface a little bit, and, zoom, it’s gone! Now with hate, it goes very deep from the gut. No longer skin deep, but gut deep. It’s amazing how pure your hate can be, and with authority, naturalness, spontaneity. It seems with that, to actually have a certain beauty that your love had demoted to ‘lugh’. Is this a reason why in the world you don’s see so much love, but hate?

One doesn’t become a professional at anything if you don’t start, and continue with the eagerness to always do the best you can beyond blaming others for your failures to  succeed. When ‘brain cramp’ makes its way into the equation of love between two people, and the back and forth ‘who’s fault is it’ begins the game, it likely needs a ‘time out’, or will spin into a permanent state of ‘lock down’. Landfill enthusiasm won’t be enough to raise the love above it’s lowest level. Communication that flows freely, and uncensored with conjugal agreements to maintain it are perhaps even more important than the love.

An intimate connection with yourself should precede that with a partner for conjoined bliss and a continuing betrothal of love. Otherwise, the ‘bar of love’ lowers into a common ‘he said, she said, oh well, lets just try to ignore it, and work around it’, in a looping mode. Time to get the ‘saw’ out, and cut the route that destroys all possibility of a deepening love. In the beginning, beware of who you get into bed with, or make it the best bed you may have to lie in for the rest of your life. Demonic nuptials can be avoided, or worse case, rebooted. The beginning is the best time, for once the alliance is consolidated and solemnized, divorce from love into ‘lugh’ is imminent. Never doubt that self love and/or love with another is a reality. The ‘dance’ starts with you.

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