It’s Only Make Believe

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It’s Only Make Believe


April 15, 2011
All stories are ‘make believe’, even the stories you believe in which you attach to as if your life here, now and ‘forever after’ depended on your faith. The ‘real good news’ is not available to the ‘believers’ as long as they cling to their beliefs. I wonder sometimes if my laughter would subside, or take on a higher quality if believers disappeared into open aware seekers? Believers can’t be rationalized with if they cling to their beliefs, as if the mind has turned to stone. Cutting through rock is not a talent that many seek to develop except for the rocks that have turned to a softer state like coal.

Coal and diamonds have the same carbon composition which in the right conditions, over time, allow diamonds to be formed. Most believers are like rocks. Some of those more open can transform in a relatively short time into ‘diamonds’ or humans who know themselves, and develop a deep inner love for themselves. Transformation from the humanoid, robotic stage to a divine human being living in the full essence of truth and the moment is a true manifestation of the magic of the ‘Divine’s’ capability. The characteristics of a ‘diamond of godliness’ has the potential of changing the quality of life on earth to a ‘heaven on earth’, as those diamonds connect and merge.

Living in ‘make believe’ is in a way synthetic or chemicalized so as to only appear to be diamonds much like ‘fools gold’, but the insides being hollow with no substance. The scriptures are deep within the soul where no one can copy them, but only ignite themselves, and aid others who are vulnerable to a trajectory into consciousness as a guide into extreme awareness and love. Beliefs are bubbles which inevitably burst, and regenerate themselves, but only until the next doubt arises. No belief, by definition, can be without doubt.

All holy books have some wisdom mixed with information that is of serious doubt. One wisdom written in differing ways in all ‘holy books’, is that the ‘luke warm’ shall be banished from truth. Reaching the truth is for only the ‘hot’, and those with real passion for truth shall survive. All ‘belief’s’ are like rainbows that can never be found or grasped. Life blossoms as veil after veil is removed to see more of life, love and the truths.

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