Dark Shit Corrpts Love

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Dark Shit Corrupts Love


April 16, 2011
Where ever you go, there you are! The dark past isn’t fixed by falling in love. What has been that’s not been detached from always boils up. The past sets the ‘bar’ for the future as you learn to live with no more than what you have become accustomed to in the past. Karma sits within forever if not detached from. Attracting someone without unresolved issues will only cause yours to spill over, and corrupt the relationship, as you can’t easily see through your own problems, as well as the ones you unload, and project on them to make them think they are complicit.

The ‘corrupter of love’ rarely bonds with someone who hasn’t their own ignored issues to bring to the table. ‘Like’ usually attracts like. I’ve closely watched many people with unresolved issues over time to sadly see that they rarely break out of their patterns of the destruction of love. Often it will eventually show up in the form of physical ailments as time goes on. The mind of change, and self responsibility is as stubborn as a donkey on a racetrack.

Denial is the pillow that those who face the responsibility for corrupting a beautiful relationship of love, covet. In the beginning of romance, we all appear perfect as we are rightfully ‘out of our mind’, and in the heart as much as we allow. As water reaches it’s lowest level, ‘love of the moment’ finds itself where it was before the magic was released. Feeling good about the ‘self’ needs to be in consistent high consciousness for love to imbed deep within.

The self that is troubled when merged with another self, troubled or not, becomes a troubled merger. Just as an overweight person has to change a contributing life style, the inner fluctuating self needs to heal itself beyond the love of another, and finding the inner love for the self. As you care for yourself,  you care for the other the same. You are one, and the same in a sense. Painting over with ‘non weather proof’ love washes off in the challenges of life. You can’t run from yourself, and the baggage you refuse to detach from. Love, or the lack of it, follows wherever you go.  There is no way out, but to accept the way you are, always taking responsibility for it with the awareness to see it as an opportunity to find ways to ‘let it go’ and pull back the veils of the path to sustaining love. Love is shy around unfinished clinging karma! Be bold and throw off the chains of what needs to be let go of, and is resulting in repressed love.

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