Love Masks

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Love Masks


April 13, 2011
Who’s the one behind the mask? There’s someone one on the inside looking outside not even knowing that they are on the outside of the inside missing hearing that little voice within. One day, the person behind the mask gets uncomfortably comfortable with seeing only what they allow themselves to see. Holding on to false images of yourself, and the world has karmic implications. The world is upside down until only you set it right side up. What seems to be upon close examination is not what it seemed to be!

Love comes out in expression, not repression. Repression is a block to all possibility of reaching to the depths of loves transforming energy. The human being seemingly would rather ignore and become a ‘loaf’ to the inner while chasing that which he thinks will satisfy his every desire. Desires are on going or open ended like holding a stick in front of a donkey while riding it, never moving the stick. Love transforms one into being filled with the insight or ‘inward sight’ to always see that love is greater than any desire pursued.

A ‘love block is a ‘love screen’ that is in a way like a sun screen or block, except that, in the reverse, it blocks out love from coming in. Love guarded when met with love unguarded is akin to covering the flowers from the rain. Soon the lack of nourishment will wilt the beauty from happening. Love protects from harm, but needs to be protected with open expression from not receiving the rays of another’s love.

Sex stimulates a kind of love, but love stimulates a phenomenon higher than sex gratification can go that ignites and transforms the whole being into a deep compassion.  Love that leads to sex is a divine godliness that is tantra. Tantra is absorbing all of life, saying ‘yes’ to all that enhances life and love. Tantra is an unconditional merging with the soul of life. In tantra, each disappears letting go of the past, and being in love with the moment. There is no splitting of personalities or beings. All comes together with the knowing that you have reached the pinnacles of life. Life becomes a melody and a harmony. Whatsoever you do, is done with awareness and beauty. All facets of life, even jealousy, anger, fears, and denial become blessings, and manifest from the aware heart. The greatest courage in the world is to accept all that comes to you, and to give another all that’s in your heart. No blocks or masks!


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