Foreclose on Love

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Foreclose on Love


April 14, 2011
An emotional buy when the love market is high on a ‘dream boat’ but may not withstand the ups and downs of the market of love. To be a ‘gangsta of love’ will put you in love’s jail as a ‘prisoner from love’ sooner than later. The swirls of sex serve to cloud the rational mind of a solid love investment. To get in the market, and to know when to ‘hi- jack and tail it out’, is a way to avoid love’s foreclosure. Today’s treat is often too sweet to stand up to the elements of a ‘bi-polar’ love affair that sinks to a swamp that infests love’s charms and survivability.

Unless you’d beat down a door to be with someone just like ‘you’ on the inside, ‘buyer beware’! An ‘engagement’ for to see what love might bring while enjoying the urge on the verge of a merge depends on a good portfolio of common sense. Now that ain’t so common in the middle of an earthquake, or tsunami of emotion. ‘Love’s’ last longer generally because enough payment of more makeshift love or pseudo love are made to keep the undertaker at bay. Interest in this game must keep at a high point, for low interest brings up another type of interest that results in closing out the deal and vacating.

Are you ready to sell what you got, to a buyer (potential mate) who can give a return on the investment that makes it a ‘cherry deal’? Going to market unprepared is a course for stubborn survival that loses the luster of why the interest was there in the first place. Truth be told, most love investments have little or no return, and in fact just a ‘loss’, but for the one’s who gain wisdom, and experience for moving on where both buyer, and seller find sweet memories.

Foreclosures on love frequently end with damage to both, but more to one that is left to pay for most of the damages. Love that’s not deeply consummated is as fickle as a rainbow in the setting sun. To love another like they deserve to be loved never happens more than you love your inner self. Authentic love is a mutual investment of two bodies, minds, beings, and souls always for the good of the other, and the self together. Love runs on one track, never on two tracks opposing each other. Real love lasts beyond being together, and what common love does no matter how long it lasts. Real love is a gift that impregnates the soul whether it sets roots in the physical together, or not. It’s always, ‘win-win’ for an everlasting run in the marketplace of love.

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