Organic Love

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Organic Love


April 11,2011
Love without all the toxins, and impediments during the growing years is likely to insure a love certified by god, so to speak. Junk food, and ‘junk psychological ingredients’ create essentially, junk love, or love in ‘name only’. Love isn’t just a present from the Divine given out in full bloom to just anyone. The universe is more fair than we might think, in that we get out of life what’s been put into it, even if that is not guaranteed. A ‘semblance’ of love is a love that soon goes down the toilet with only memories of yesteryear, and meaningless words of ‘fake assurance’ that love’s still there.

People are willing to accept mediocrity if they have not experienced differently be it from food, to life style choices, and to a quality of love. The key is to always look to upgrade or improve upon what has been, but first it has to be recognized. Infinite people do what they call falling in love not realizing that they are really falling out of the euphoria of love into the same state into which they were before the ‘magic’ hit them. To love, and be loved only works to the extent of what it should be, and proportional to that which you  love yourself inside.

Finding love in all the wrong places is the ‘quick sand’ of love that’s built on shaky foundations. There is no prince or princess for all but the rare, but a chameleon that converts to a frog. Trying to love a frog, or being a princess with this ‘shape shifter’ is just a way to show you what you lack in awareness. Outer beauty, or handsomeness quickly disappears as the real persona overwhelms it. So called ‘great sex’ is often with selfish people merging with each other’s shallow selfishness, and destined to change.

When love calls your name, it’s time to come out, let go, and submit to what may be life’s ‘one shot opportunity’. The earth is filled with the graves of those who missed authentic love, but instead suffered in unfulfilling routine. Love is like a rocket shot into space, usually only to fall where it came from, and sometimes not for the better. Love in its entirety, and full thrust moves into the stars, and into an orbit that perpetually stays there. A love that ‘roman candles’ into what was before is just a glimpse. Keep moving up through all obstacles into the love beyond love as it’s known…why not??

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