Hate to be Loved

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Hate to Be Loved


April 10, 2011
My experience is that most people hate to be loved except when it’s to their liking. Luke warm hate/love is the rotating emotional state of the masses. No firm stance is ever made but for rare moments of peaks and valleys. Love is never complete in filling the being, or is hate in its full consistent rampage. The rotating feelings of love and hate are apparently not enough to rise above the burdening state of negative complacency. Certainly this state is better than one filled with hate, but on the other polarity, insufficient to show the compassion, and love that makes someones world better.

Jesus was purported to have said, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’. Most do, however, how to love a neighbor, or enemy when you are your own worst enemy? Everyone, and thing, is a reflection of how you feel inside about yourself. The whole existence is you related in many mirrors. No one authentically walks apart from all existence. Remarkably, whether it be a relative, brother, sister, mother, father, friend, ex husband, wife or an ex lover, it’s common to see reflections of lack of self love in connection with  these people ‘once loved’ to one degree or another.

It’s easier to ignore, which is a form of hate, and not love ‘til the death of one parting with no regard for compassion which you once seemed to have for them. Howsoever, you are toward others is how you are toward yourself. Likely it’s lukewarm, and that’s a waste of your life, and capacity to love. Love is a relationship between you and someone else. Hate is a non relationship that is from unawareness of the love inside. A form of self hatred. Self love can never be attained while anyone who had meaning to you is ignored or by action essentially vilified, or cast out to sea for no connection.

Love has its own karma that always becomes part of you for all future encounters. Unfinished, rejected love has it’s own energy that becomes a barrier to all future connections of love. Only a deep awareness, and in a sense, a repentance will break the chains of ‘dismissal of love’. All spiritual growth depends on love of all, especially those who are or were close. Compassion is to cooperate with the positive expressions of love. Wake up, and make this your judgment day, and love those who you shun before they pass away. The world won’t get any better without you loving yourself, and those you’ve left behind as well as those who’ve not come to your door step yet. Time to quit mimicking love while carrying emotional baggage, and become the ‘divine entity’ that each can be!

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