Abortion Manipulation

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Abortion Manipulation


April 12, 2011
If a male and female have sex one day, and an egg meets a sperm for a ‘voila’, it doesn’t mean it will be the same baby outcome if done the next day instead. To interpret, different day different child! Having sex a year later is not going to produce the same individual as prior. The logic here makes the ‘anti-abortionists’ claim of ‘murder’ kinda stretching the use of the word. It’s all a game for the politicians to gain control of a group, and the other political party counters with the opposite view.

The co-conspirators in putting relentless guilt and fear in the public are the religious right, the political group Repuglicans, and the conservative rationalizing minds of the gullible who could use a little more compassion and common sense for the female. Mind manipulation for an agenda is everywhere.  The Catholics at one point (and in some circles still) called masturbating ‘murder’ of potential babies! The ‘manipulation of the minds of religion’s sheeple by the ‘controllers of governments is putting an open, aware, compassionate world into reverse, and in constant conflict with millions who support freedoms of free expression and speech.

Each coupling of male and female contains hundreds, thousands, and more microscopic vehicles for infinite children. Entering the word ‘murder’ or child killer, is an abomination of others innocence, and making the best decision they can for themselves and the unborn. To use the words, ‘Pro Life’ for anti woman’s choice is a ‘Madison Avenue’ mind manipulation suggesting that the ‘pro woman’s choice’ people are ‘murderers’. According to some religious minds, we are all murderers when sperm or eggs are not allowed to meet.

The taxes of every American support innumerable wars and killing the last few decades that include innocent children, born and unborn. Hypocritical behavior needs to be recognized. There are many more issues that need attention in lieu of the seemingly endless clash of interpretations of when life starts, that need our focus for a more evolving world. Sadly, most people kill their self love, awareness, and openness that needs to be free to be nourished for a more divine you and world. Abort all the internal barriers to a life filled with as much love as possible, then all life will reach its highest peaks. The life you save first, is the life, and love inside yourself.

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