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Trump Boom da da Boom

April 19, 2011
It’s a waste of the opportunity for a full life if you don’t be all you can be, but instead commiserate over other’s advantages while crying over your own perceived limits. Donald Trump is one of the ‘world’s richest’, and with an assurance that he’s living life to the fullest. His way is not ‘the way’, but one from which one can glean aspects of positive living from. It matters not whether one is rich or poor, it’s how you see, and love who you are inside.

Desire to be this, or that is chasing illusions when all the answers you need are in the moment and within. As many rich as poor suffer from depressions, anxieties, fears, and ignorance of compassion for their lot in life, or for others. There is no panacea in life but to know yourself, and accept that without having to ‘succeed in this or that’, which may be ok if you don’t sell you soul doing it. To make a difference in life, make it first within, and then do your best to be an activist for others well being, in other words, ‘giving back’.

Donald Trump has had 3 marriages, and many paramours, also with an excellent attitude about the experiences. In most circles of life, billions would judge that with shallow intelligence of jealousy or lack of compassion not accepting that each has there own way, and that way may be very positive except in the eyes of the ‘judger’. Seeing what others have that you don’t is a useless exercise of missing where and what you are. I have never met anyone, what ever their state in life, that in some way was not an inspiration, likely more to me than to themselves.

It’s time to see the overview of life, love, others, and the self as being a miracle of life with unlimited potential wherever your life is at. As important as the outer can be in someways, we each have the inner which is more important to explore to find anything the wisest in life have found. Call it ‘the riches within’ or the ‘fountain of life and love’, but it’s only there in each ‘equally’ if you unlock it, and throw out the garbage which blocks the door to the evolution of the self. Who you really are, has within it the greatest gift in the world.

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