Solomon’s 700 Wives

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Solomon’s 700 Wives
April 8, 2011
What an inspiration this mythical character from the bible is, or at least for men who’ve got a few screws loose. Seems like a better deal than the mythical, but believed, 72 Virgins in Heaven for the Muslims! Of course, the women get nothing but these ‘screws loose’ male nymphomaniacs who deserve to stand on a trap door ‘womaned’ by a female to push a dump button to send them into nothingness. Women are here to serve man according to all ancient holy books, and they should be grateful for god or allah to bless them. Whoopty-doo!!

‘God’s will’ is ‘man made fabrication’ to support his greed and lust. Now back to those 700 wives of Solomon. There’s no evidence of Solomon being a historical personage, and there are many reasons to suspect he is yet another tribal god made into a human being. Humans in the Western world of the three ‘Abramic’ religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are, with few exceptions, left with hundreds of thousands of ‘religious salesmen’ pounding their ears with the fear of god and eternal damnation.

There are almost no holy characters that should be taken as literally having existed, but instead are archetypes to illustrate certain moral characteristics. Instead billions have to one degree or another become programmed with these characters to ‘idolize them’ creating ‘idolatry’ which is contrary to every spiritual way. There are many messages in all holy books that are good ‘moral measuring sticks’ for right conduct. However, as an example of other messages which do not suggest right conduct, the Qur’an, according to one researcher, is filled with 61% of a negative message, some very violent. The other ‘books’ follow close behind!

Sadly, mankind has been so deeply conditioned to believe that the words of ‘holy books’ should not be questioned, and even ‘the believers’ say that those who do, are Satanic. The average Jane and Joe really are left with no easy means to find information that points out the tremendous amount of fallacies in holy books. There is a much better alternative involving searching through awareness and love of self where the real secrets of life are ‘written’. At this point, there is still a censorship in the media to say anything but the so called ‘party line’, in this case, all the beliefs around Jesus, or in Islam, around Muhammed. Soon information regarding all the myths will hopefully go viral, and people will be released from believing in fictional religion, and be made more aware of the spiritual, consciousness of the godliness in life and love. Man needs only one wife, and oneness with himself.

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