Jesus – Son of a Bitch

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Jesus – Son of a Bitch

April 9, 2011
I love Jesus! Who in their right mind wouldn’t? Everyone who’s heard of Jesus loves him, from the Atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, to the Hindu’s – it’s just a matter of degree. Who’s ever heard someone say with meaning, ‘I hate Jesus’? Blasphemy? Love has become a popular word unlike a few decades ago. Love is used freely everywhere, and in infinite circumstances much like, ‘have a nice day’. The ‘real meaning’ of course hides in the shadows of ‘hurt’ over what ‘it’ feels is its misuse.

Jesus was not the ‘son of a bitch’ but the ‘son of God (or Allah)’. Somewhere along the line ‘son’ lost it’s original meaning of being allegorical. ‘Son of God’ evokes more ‘fuzzy’ feelings and hopes of it’s meaning assuring a place in Heaven, although not in the part where the men of Islam enjoy 72 virgins, but where the roads are paved in ‘Gold’! Seems like 72 virgins, though, would be more enticing than ‘gold every where’, but what the hell, maybe they come together?

Anyway, there is the Easter story that Jesus rose from the dead, although the Muslims claim he wasn’t resurrected because he was taken down from the cross alive, thus his status as a prophet only. The Jews want nothing to do with the argument, and the Italians of Rome are ecstatic because they got the Vatican out of the whole ‘hullabaloo’. Who knows? History is often not really history but ‘fables’ of knights in shinning armor or something. Which lead to the ‘historicity’ of why Jesus is not a ‘son of a bitch’ because ‘Mary’, his alleged mom, was not a bitch. That is ‘gospel’! Truth is, there are no credible, historical records of this ‘Mary of the manger’, or her sidekick old man, Joseph. So love Mary, love Joseph, but as analogies or archetypes of players in the ‘holy story of the only begotten son of god’.

Stories are great for the messages they give to make us think, and evaluate our strategies in life, preferably of ‘morality’ or the non existence of it. This Easter, as the grownups color and hide eggs for the children, it’s important to pray for those who can’t see the reason for the season is to be thankful that the ‘Sun of God (or the Universe), has arisen after being cloaked in darkness most of the ‘off season’. ‘This’ story has inspiration for all people’s of the earth, and IT’S REAL! The blessings or fruit of the Sun (Jesus) of God (life, and more) is LOVE! Love deeply, and let it’s deep energies fill your spirit with love that lights all of your life here and beyond.

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