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Belief Drunkard


April 8, 2011
Beliefs are meant to be bridges to the known. Staying on the ‘bridge of belief’ is a slow suicide. Certainly it’s ok to believe when nothing else will do, but there is always a ‘transition’ to knowing. Sadly, billions stay drunk on a belief their whole life for fear of letting go, and missing how much more wonderful it is to know. Lacking the courage is an ailment that hides in every believers shadow.

Gambling requires a belief, or hope that you will get the results you seek. Gambling can become an addiction or habit just as ‘beliefs in what you don’t know for certain’ become so addictive, and strong that you defend your position as if it is ‘knowing’. The world is controlled by beliefs in this early post ‘no technology age’ where not long ago communication between different parts of a country or countries were near impossible. Today, all that ‘limited communication’ is being replaced by all forms of the media including the world wide internet. However, the mind of the masses is slow to adapt once the specter of belief has been installed in the mind, and in computer terms, part of the hard drive.

People even ‘go underground’ with their beliefs if challenged rather than opening their minds to hear, and absorb information to the contrary. In other words, they avoid the topic. Believers find comfort in staying on the ‘bridge of belief’ for fear of what is on the other side. It is a type of paralysis of the mind, or sadly, like the hardening of cement. Letting go of issues, and blocks from the past become near impossible as they hunker down in beliefs they are convinced have served them. Reality is, praying to a savior, prophet, or god works without doing that as millions will attest to, and without the many implications that fear limits them in their lives.

I rarely see anyone who doesn’t have trouble with life’s most magical precious gift – love. It’s easy to love this or that be it the dog, or a child but to love the self, and another with no gap in between is all together another level that is a mirror of how much you love yourself. To love someone who has the ability to not be in anyway dependent, and has a choice to accept love or not, is another dimension that entails letting go of insecurities, issues and/or beliefs. To ‘believe you are loved by another’ is not the same as knowing. To believe in your perception of a god is to stand on the bridge of not knowing, and experiencing what’s on the other side. Belief is an important tool to transcend the doubts, but not a tool to depend on without seeking what the tool of belief can, and will open, but only when the belief is dropped. Don’t be too drunk on a belief to not see what’s real, and eliminates the need for any belief. Using the word ‘love’ with the winds of changeable meaning has become like saying, ‘have a nice day’. Empty! Replace ‘belief’ with knowing!

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