Aborting Love

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Aborting Love


April 6, 2011
All but a few who travel on the path of love with a partner, push the ‘love trap button’ that creates ‘falling in love’. The elevator of love goes up and up, but mankind denies ‘issues’ to facilitate love dropping into the pits of slumber, or in worst cases, the pits of ‘love’s hell’! Those who die, never really giving love the chance it wants to take hold for a transformation of the soul, are doomed to the darkness of never knowing the potential of love from experience.

Love, void of the energy needed to catapult it to unlimited heights, needs a clearing of the soul, and mind so as not to ‘roman candle’ to the grounds of mediocrity. Love in partnering has earned a bad name as an ‘illusion’ when nothing could be further from the truth. Love hits a ‘brick wall’ to reflect a persons unwillingness, and fear to enter the stars of the uncharted universe. There ain’t no sunshine or star shine when you go away from the magnetism of love to wander in the mind of fears and self doubts. Realize that second chances may not come. Grab the magic when love reaches out with the innocence of a child.

Love works where love is free to enter into the open heart. One can’t go on really living without love, but just existing, keeping the body alive in a slow suicide. Love has arms that reach out not only within, but from another, and others. Deny love’s full essence, and you are denying what some call god. You will be punished for the lack of trust, and faith that it awaits your innocence. Tomorrow is today. In fact there is only one day in the life of those who love deeply. Those who don’t relive the ‘tremors of past memories that cause relentless suffering, and keeping ‘love’ outside on the other side of the door that is ‘unlocked’ prosper in love’s blessings.

Collect love from the trees, birds, sky, sun, and everywhere. There are small doses that cumulatively combine to stretch the vulnerability of the heart. Finding love in the heart is finding god or godliness. Denial of love is to abort love. Denial of what fuels love is to abort love. Love does not want to be an abortion but to flourish, and reach the pinnacles of it’s heights. Each deep breath of air is really a breath of love, for it is in the air, and, is the air!

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