Imprinting Love

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Imprinting Love

April 6, 2011
Trust that love wants to leave it’s memory in you to become part of your very being. Love has it’s own scent or smell that can become a feeling which is there every moment of your life. At some point in life, opportunities will come that open the heart to the scent of love’s fragrance, be it with someone’s loving gesture, seeing a baby’s innocence, the beauty of a sunset in the distance, or using a method to open the heart. The attempts to enter your heart for lasting memory are infinite.

Love overcomes all else that life brings up, including the emptiness of love. We are born with a sense of wonderment, and innocence that is the beginning of love. Regardless of events that happen to dampen it’s murmuring sound and feeling inside, love is there waiting for you to nurture it for it’s eternal growth. It’s not an illusion or mirage. Trust that it’s there like the air you breath. The presence of love in the air is a mystery, but one to be solved by your openness to acceptance.

It matters not where love comes from both in the unlimited universe, and in your little world. Love can be as fleeting as a shooting star, or like a phenomenon that takes your breath away, or even put the breath of life enhanced, back in you stronger than it ever had been. Someone asked a ‘beer brewer’, ‘what is most important in the making of a batch of ingredients for the uncompleted beer? The answer was unexpected. The reply was ‘sanitation’!

In a ‘batch of love’ coming into your being, a clean, clear acceptance of love’s invisible presence without any ‘guards’ of resistance, but a surrendering to the moments. No protections are needed to shield ‘love’s lure, or entry’. For those frightened of love’s mysteries, every opportunity to feel must be accepted to open the heart no matter how it seems meaningless. Love heals and turns all fears that are a dark cloud into a light that overwhelms all it’s obstacles. Why resist love’s opportunity. Love may hurt because it was coming from a place that gave only limited love, but love is a force, there regardless, waiting for an unlimited giver giving to an unlimited, unguarded receiver. Be open, watchful, and accepting. Love is in infinite supply, everywhere.

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