Seize the Moment

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Seize the Moment

March 29, 2011
Carpe Diem – Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think! Everyone dies, not everyone really lives. Between birth and death is the time to enjoy the interval. Maybe there is no end, but have you even started the beginning? Freedom is a mystery to explore more and more.  Get out of the ‘box’ you are in, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. There is not much growth and freedom behind the bars of those phenomenon. Escape with compassion for yourself and others.

Start with creating a little ‘insight’. It means to look within, see within. Close your eyes, sitting silently while just going in effortlessly. Experience whatever comes in, be it thought, pictures, dreams, or feelings. Focus on watching your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply. Soon you will come to the center of your being releasing the petals of what the mind carries into your silence. To ‘seize the moment’ begin by exposing the quiet silence within! To fill the tank for action, begin with non action or passivity. Slowly a ‘dance’ will seep within you as this non action pushes the inner ‘reset button’.

Sometimes it’s good to just sit, and let things happen. That’s a ‘moment to seize’ which is often a long forgotten pearl to ‘reset’ the inner, and tune into a more focused you. There is only the moment, and it should be used wisely. Allow these quiet, reflective, or meditative moments to enhance a healthier you. Drop action and be passive. Simply do nothing. Relax on the beach or lawn with eyes closed watching a train of thoughts and feelings come and go. Don’t give it any active energy to try to stop thoughts or feelings, just watching as they pass by.

Let it come to you that you have disappeared, and become invisible. Imagine how all around you is when you are not there. Just see how the life you’ve been part of just gone on as it will one day when you are no longer here. Always looking to be occupied is senseless, and can be a fear or insecurity that needs to be let go of. Let the negative detach and float apart from the real you. Can you lose your mind? Do you know too much so as to make you a little crazy. Do you think you’re in control? Imagine that you have never existed, and visualize life without you as you’ve experienced it. Let life come out of your being in a spirit of joy. Be receptive moving with the flow of life. Rainbows with a pot of endless love comes in a total let go in relaxation.

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