Avoid Love 700 Deadly Ways

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Avoid Love 700 Deadly Ways

March 28, 2011
• Keep on being the way you are
Gorge yourself on lots of garlic
Download a watered down inadequate perception of deep love
Infrequent bathing
Fear closeness
Work too many hours frequently.
Continue stressful living
Be a redneck
Overlook changing bad habits into good ones
Avoid checking out your empathy for another
Talk too much
Poor communicator
Internet porno as a habit
Run from serious love
Hold back
Give more attention to the dog or cat than another
Leave childhood issues unresolved
Obsess over hobbies
Take it for granted after the initial energy spurt
Share few or no secrets with partner
Shun flexibility
Love with conditions
Place a greater importance on something else
Not ‘letting go’
Think loving your meat or vegetables is love in full expression, or
Having sex is necessarily a deep expression of love
Consider ‘loving yourself’ is just treating and pampering yourself
Avoid the opposite sex
Regular burping and farting (bad habits)
Enabling frequent negative thinking by yourself or another
Do all the things you want to do and expect the other to follow
Close your mind to the spiritual beyond your chosen religion
Avoid being humble
Avoid apologies and taking the blame
Avoid feelings even if they are suffering ones
Not flexible and open to a variety of foods
Read romance novels
Focus on ‘self serving’
Please feel free to add more ‘Until we reach 700’ (I’ve got an extra couple hundred for later)!
Stay aware and take a journey into loving yourself as a way to avoid all the ways to ‘avoid love’!

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