War – Mind vs Heart

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War – Mind vs Heart


March 25, 2011
The mind needs the heart, as the heart needs the mind – be friends. When they are not in sync, or friends, disturbance or war is likely. Both the heart and mind need nourishment. In today’s world it seems most hearts and minds are running on ‘empty’ as it is. Anyone not keeping up on what’s happening in the world, is contributing to the chaos through silence. Anyone not tuning into their heart, is going to create disturbances in their lives. Make a change beyond the boulder blocking either.

Mind creates the practical, science, or on the other end ‘evil’, particularly when out of balance. The heart creates bliss, love, truth, freedom, compassion for all things ‘spiritual’, or godly. The mind is a tinkerer all the way to a ‘manipulator’. Much of the planet feels ‘valueless’ or meaningless as they have become controlled by the reactive mind, rather than the ‘responsive mind’ that is a balance of heart and mind. Life is fulfilled through ‘longings’ and not the ambitions of the mind. Trust the heart, but check out the mind with inner feelings for truths.

Longings need your attention as they are beyond the mind, and in the sixth, intuitive sense when it is in balance with feelings. ‘To know’ can be of the mind that isn’t in awareness. ‘To know’ is often really ‘believing’ which means, ‘you don’t know’. With awareness the mind can be a friend to the heart in all choices. The heart can be a fool or foolish, and convince while overpowering the mind to make faulty decisions. Trust comes best in an excellent balance and friendship of the heart and mind. Listen to the heart, and listen to the aware, open mind that sees all sides necessary to let the heart pour into openness.

The ‘bridge’ between the heart and mind are feelings. The ‘bridge’ is not a place to spend ones time on, it is just a passage that needs to be a link between heart and mind. No one can really ‘live’ logically even though many seem to do so. A few months ago, a long time friend passed away in his ’60’s, as a man who avoided love, and lived in a purely logical world, always with his eye on every penny. With his millions, he even avoided health insurance to save money! My silent mind was aghast thinking how that wouldn’t work after his soon to be early death.

Logic is the way of the mind while ‘love’ is the way of the heart. However, unrecognized by all but a few, the clear heart is very logical when in love with the mind reciprocally! Open mind, open hearts, open doors!

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