Get Out … please

Get Out … please


March 21, 2011
‘Get out’ of what? Wherever there is discomfort that doesn’t seem to have another solution, perhaps it’s time to look within, and recognize that maybe the ‘discomfort’ is stifling growth, or at least one’s perception of evolving growth. If you are looking to excel or evolve in any dimension, opportunities are frequently not where you are. I’m suddenly listening to perhaps a bad example of this at the moment on the computer, my extended family nephew singing, ‘I’m so Lonely’, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Kurt really ‘got out’ but not with consciousness.

We were both raised in America’s ‘rainiest town’, that does have it’s months of ‘depression’. Kurt took his skills from grandma’s garage in Aberdeen, Washington on the road as an unknown going from college campus to campus, and gigs across the country with just few dollars in the pocket. Weeks of moving from state to state on the way to NYC, he found himself going from a ‘rain logging town hick’ to knocking Michael Jackson off the #1 music charts! ‘Getting out’ was a large part of the secret, but never with consciousness can be destructive.

I did the same thing of getting out from there, and going to NYC. No big fanfare, but with the opportunity to ‘grow inside, and with the outer’. Having stayed in the same town, one can only surmise what would have transpired, but clearly the opportunities for both business, excitement, learning, and spiritual growth were more available ‘on the road’.

Getting ‘stuck’ comes in many ways from stuck in an oppressive town, culture, religion, relationship, or just a mind that can’t seem to be able to get outside itself to see what’s really inside, and knowing oneself. Wherever I go, my experience is to see people ‘stuck’ in oppressive ways that barricade them from freedoms, particularly the inner ones, that are put into the closet to never be tossed out or let go of. ‘Getting out’ is always about a ‘belief’, be it religious indoctrination, others perception that obscures who you really are, or just out of a mind that needs a ‘new, fresh, outlook’, and sense of true self. You’ll never become a lot of things while living in a forest where you can’t see the forest through the trees. All growth takes the courage to step out of the box that contains no freedoms that are outside of it. Don’t let dreams be stolen from you because of lack of courage to ‘get out’. Move with the flow in consciousness!

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