Emotional Constipation

Emotional Constipation


March 20, 2011
‘Taking in’ without the balance of ‘giving out’ creates a miser stuck in self constipation. The two poles of giving and receiving are natures way of healthy sustenance and growth. It’s easy to get lost in yourself, and forget to see that life is best as a balance. Energy selfishness clogs the heart, and skews the mind into a type of greediness. To benefit the self at the expense of another, and/or with little or no energy given to others is to restrain and ignore love and compassion for life and others.

That is the situation among humankind today where everyone is taking and no one is giving. A sense of being afraid comes up when the moment of possible giving comes. The ‘skewed mind’ wants to take. This particularly happens with love in that most want someone to love them. The need for balance is that you should give love out, and not settling for want love to be given to you. Self absorption creates emotional constipation. Hoarding expressions of love is counterproductive to a life of balance. Our health is to a large degree dependent on a normal, smooth emotional balance.

Healthy living is a balance much like the breath that goes in and out with an equal balance between them. People collect things in their homes with the thought that perhaps one day they will need it, instead of considering that giving it out to someone who could better use it. Give happiness rather than hoarding it. Be open and willing to give, and not reluctant so that an unnatural enema is necessary to force the giving. Let go of who you’ve become that has held on to who you’ve grown accustomed to think you are, and see that you are a free being with the ability to be aware, and act out who you really are that has been repressed.

You are not your mother, father, culture, your physical, or others opinions that you have accepted, and clung to as who you think you are. Who you really are is vast, open, loving, and unique. Give that true impression out, and those that resonate with that energy will receive it and give back. Unhappiness is usually because you’ve backed up emotions from not letting go of today’s, yesterday’s, and years ago’s ‘looping dilemmas’ that you cling to and commiserate over, causing mental and emotional constipation. Relax and let go!


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