Stone Agers Control World

Stone Agers Control World

photoMarch 15, 2010

Technological developments dwarf human evolution in the 21st century. We have developed the means to destroy ourselves because we haven’t reached the inner maturity to meet the flood of inventions and technological innovations to make the outer life more seemingly acceptable. From my perspective, humanity’s inner growth in general, doesn’t seem greater than I imagine our ‘stone age predecessors’ to have achieved. Nearly all of our efforts are still on survival as well as on petty mindless use of things to give us the perceived joys that really are paint jobs over our many fears, and  non dealt with inner turmoils.

Denial of the inner human conditions of evolvement have enveloped nearly all of humanity. The human race has become a race for the newest ‘tickler of our imaginations’. ‘Self armageddon’ seems to be much more of a threat than the wiles of nature that we are so warned about. We each are pregnant with the seed of godliness within us, but one which, unattended without subversions from the outside, will eternally remain as a ‘waiting seed’ of a more enlightening nature for each individual.

Each being must be open and available to wisdoms from everywhere, as well as from within, and the higher interpretations of experiences. Each one is beyond any religion, nation or culture, and must see, and act out that. The support must come from you within, and spread to the encouragement of all others like a ‘wildfire’.

Either the awakened of the world are going to win, or the lacky politicians of corporations, religions, and self serving interests are going to destroy all of human life back into the ‘stone age’. Most minds are still in prior centuries, but starting over for thousands of years to meet the incredible potential that exists here and now seems a sad commentary on human life. The many contributions of the poets, painters, sculptors, dancers, singers, and mystics are about to be destroyed at any moment. Nothing can prevent the current controllers of the world from destroying it other than spreading meditation, love, joy and all the things that make the whole of life a celebration of this wonderful gift that lies in wait before us.

The world is becoming more ‘stoned’ on the continuing onslaught of experimental drugs for profit of ‘big pharma’, illegal drug pushers, and every meaningless distraction that mankind seems able to invent without consciousness. The secret of life lies within each of us. It’s our choice to nurture it’s fruition or not. Always choose the higher and encourage the path least traveled to become that most traveled. Be a ‘stone cutter’ and crack open the inner potentials. I like the world of ‘apple pie and ice cream’ better!

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