Spirituality Need Love

Spirituality Needs Love
by Arhata

Love needs another. Love is an open giving and receiving process that gets deeper only by letting go and going deeper. Love is a relationship, and a relationship in it’s highest form of two people losing themselves into each other into an everlasting love that is within each for themselves and the other. Less is unfulfilled love that leaves the being short of the blossoming of divine love, or love beyond that which comes, and goes with ‘conditions’.
Love in any degree or form may be part of keeping a marriage together for a ‘marriage marathon’ achievement of decades of survival. Love does not need closed contracts of agreements to live together ‘til death do we part’. On the other hand, love can flourish under many circumstances that have infinite descriptions. Staying together through thick and thin may likely have nothing to do with anything but a low level love of ‘ego commitment’.
Breaking through love’s socially accepted barriers enters a space of evolving into what could be referred to as a ‘spiritual realm of consciousness’. Love in it’s deepest mutual sense is the catalyst to deeper levels of insight, consciousness, spirituality or whatever identification that comes closest to describing it. Love is far more than a word that gets passed around as if to touch everything with it. Love to the ultimate degree passes through, and is reflected by the mirroring of another simultaneously and unbreakably.
Love is the movement of energy light into your being while awareness is the giving out of love in the reverse. Awareness is also being within yourself in absolute aloneness, and in a sense, a feeling in high consciousness without a relationship but one within. Both love and awareness open the being to a state of higher consciousness. Deep inner awareness facilitates the ability to love another with no limitations as well as love being an opening of awareness. One merges with the other moving one beyond the state of the ‘coma’ of normal humanity.
Love does not possess without diminishing it into a ‘conditional’, low energy love. Love needs freedom or space for each person. Freedom is more valuable than love, but needs to have love filled in the heart to be really free. Love is never a bondage but a necessity on the path of ‘self realization’. Love is not a goal but a journey. The love journey is the goal with the insights it brings to the changes and maturity within. Freedom enriches love and awareness that together bring more of each other. Arhata

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