Prays Allah … eh?

Prays Allah … eh?

March 14, 2011
Criticizing Allah or Muhammed needs a law forbidding such behavior! Islam is the biggest cult in history whose purpose is to glorify Allah and his prophet Muhammed who rose above being a desert warrior and pedophile to become the great ‘deity’ he is today. May peace be upon him! Although, Islam controls free expression (except to Allah), we need to be patient as they slowly merge into this modern world while they slowly break away from centuries old dictums in their holy book called the Quran.

Free speech is not allowed in Muslim countries because it might be blasphemous to the  holy prophet Muhammed and allah. Control of the mind is very important. It is well known in Muslim countries that men have ravaging sexual desires, hence women are encouraged to dress covering all body parts that might fuel male excitement. Men, in particular, are encouraged to get down on the ground 5 times per day and ‘prays allah’. That hopefully will help repress their ‘evil desires’.

Women in Islam must know their place compared to Western women who have gotten out of control. They are to be obedient to their ‘husband masters’, thus giving them equal but different rights than men.  Muslim women can vote as women in the US have been allowed to do for 100 years. Of course, the problem currently is there is nothing to vote for! Society is controlled in the name of Allah for the benefit of all. Freedom is everywhere, it’s just not encouraged to go beyond silent thinking.

Christianity and Islam are alike in many ways. Examples would be, they both feel everyone in the world should follow their particular religion. Also, they both are ‘knockoffs’ from the Jewish religion, going back to the Hindu’s as well as general, primitive paganism. They both encourage ‘loving your enemies’ although in different ways. The Muslims love enemies that become Muslims as do Christians love enemies that become Christian, although Christians don’t believe in some of the punishments that allah followers do. In another way, they both have strong belief in the mythical Jesus as having actually walked the earth, contrary to religion scientists finding. Hopefully, the two religions will merge in prayzing allah, and all the mythical characters in both holy books. Mainly, both should not criticize the other, and see that they are one! With meditation, of course, they could both find the true scriptures (up to date too) in the heart!


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