Fool’s Love

Fool’s Love

March 16, 2011
Love is wonderful, and makes your world, as well as the outer world go round with as much bliss and joy as possible. However, not all that sounds good is real! It doesn’t matter if those who have a PhD from a University of sorts, say they know what love is, other than from the mind that knows its ‘dexterity for usefulness’. Love that comes from the mind, or seems to come out once in a blue moon from the heart is not to be discouraged, but taken with either a ‘grain of salt’, or maybe a little bit of sugar. Love is fashionable to bandy about far more than in past times. People have become aware of all the ‘hoopla’ over love, but without a deep connection, and sincere use of a word that really comes from a deep, sincere feeling that has no ‘take it back’ attached to it.

Love comes in all sizes and shapes, but often is used to express shallow feelings, or more likely shallow thoughts of no meaning but a light, questionable rush of joy. I’ve met mothers and fathers with kids who by the time the kids are grown, there have been millions of exchanges of ‘I love you, or love its’. Strangely, not long ago, as a child growing up, my mother rarely ever said it to me, but every moment then, and now (she has passed on)  is filled with her love from the time our eyes first met. Never was there an interruption of that love, which I also experience with anyone close who is open to it. There never is any ending as with ‘fool’s love’.

‘Fool’s love’, or fake love is very important if the real thing does not for ‘reasons’ click into the being, or transfers to the being of another. Incomplete love is certainly enough to give a transference of meaning that far outweighs nothing. ‘Fool’s love’, happily, can grow with an open heart and awareness. In a way, it could be referred to as ‘starter love’. Any amount of love no matter how small is divine. Crossing the threshold into authentic love is a complete change of chemistry or DNA in the body and soul that is endlessly filled with love.

Love needs a ‘boost’ beyond that which holds it down, and able to only show erratic gestures of it’s divineness. Love in it’s fullness wants to be mirrored in fullness with another. Love in any form yearns for a deeper feeling until it blossoms in perpetuity. Love is free. ‘Fool’s love’ is often free with an invisible price tag that anyone knows from experience. The ‘shopper’ must beware that they have the real thing within them to ‘acquire’ the real thing. Real love isn’t ‘fooled’.

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