Islam is Slavery

Islam is Slavery

March 13, 2011
To call Nazism a ‘benevolent ideology’ is insane. To ignore that the German masses, who were not even clearly nazi’s, to be not culpable is also insane. Silence manipulated at the top by the ideologues of a culture, religion, or country is a growing cancer that has the potential of destroying everything opposed to it in any manner much like an earthquake-Tsunami. To be critical of those ‘critical’ of an ideology that has demonstrated it’s unresilient, uncompassionate nature is comparable to the silence of the sheeple that are enablers of future destruction.

Islam, like all religions, is a ‘knockoff’ of previous religions, and holy books ranging from the Bhagavad Gita, Talmud, Torah, Bible, and pagan cultures over the millennia. All holy books are relics from the ‘post stone age’ written in the name of some interpretation of a ‘slave master’ referred to in different translations as a ‘God’. Holy books are really in large part, histories of man’s sufferings, and dilemmas that permeated the world’s cultures differently, but adversely.

All cultures had a life expectancy on average of less than 1/2 of many of today’s cultures. The average woman died young at under 40 years of age. Men at that stage of development were even more jealous, possessive, manipulating and controlling of women than they are now with less developed ravages of sexual appetites, and general violence shadowing those urges.  People were likely unconsciously traumatized by the short life as well as tragedies from ignorance and poor communication. In this environment, certain ‘nerds’ analyzed the situations in their world circumference of likely 25 miles as needing a ‘do’s and don’t’ guideline. What later became compilations of many male writers were filled with anger, ignorance, fears, and some compassion mixed into what are now called ‘holy books’.

The last major holy book created, allegedly in the 13th century, was a compilation of experiences of desert nomads combined with the influences of books written centuries before. Like all previous holy books, the Quran’s inspiration was attributed to ‘higher sources’, and in this case by a ‘warrior-holy man’ named, Muhammed who was claimed to be the last prophet of Allah or God. Allegedly, Muhammed’s favored name was Abdullah, the slave of Allah. To this day, the ‘holy book’ created by the nomadic desert slaves of ‘Allah’ remains intact as it was in post neanderthal times where the world was entirely different. Now, Allah’s sheeple, live by the same words by angry, mysogynistic warriors of the African desert. The ‘headlights’ to the present, and future are still campfires in the dark, unrelenting world of manipulation, domination, and control of it’s own ‘slaves of Islam’ to the ‘fire and brimstone’ treatment of all non believers. The  good news is that the ‘high roads of consciousness’ have the scriptures written in the hearts of everyone waiting to be found by the ‘authentic seeker’ of love and harmony today.

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