Lost in Holy Soup

Lost in Holy Soup

March 4, 2011
Take a baby’s rattle away while he’s shaking it, and the baby will cry. A house is not a home unless someone is there. Being lost in ones house is worse that being lost in the world. Lost in ones house is not being home anywhere, wherever you go, there you are – lost. Last week, I met a Muslim, and a Christian who both were thanking and praising their beliefs as being the one and only ones. I remained silent, but thought to myself that their whole world would fall apart if they knew research reveals that neither of ‘their Lords’ existed in written history.

Upon reflection, it occurred to me that neither was open to giving up the comfort of their beliefs that ruled their lives. To me, they were ‘lost’ in their beliefs with only fear of what is outside them as a guide even deeper into life’s many treasures. They both had unknowingly taken the path of least challenge with little question because it was handed to them. To think you have the answers while ignoring all information to the contrary, is to be lost in the mind of illusion.

People who need to believe beyond questioning are as special as those who either don’t ‘believe’, or those who’ve replaced believing with being open to facts versus myth, and are open to all life’s mysteries of ‘godliness’. ‘Believers’ who regard others as lesser are as stuck in the mind as much as are those not, who don’t open their hearts to accept that each person is where they are at. Assuming that those who don’t believe in your religion also have nothing to do with God, is preposterous. Each person has a different view of what ‘god ‘ means, or that there is not one.

However, to be dependent on others words, especially if there is question that they ever really said them, is to be ‘lost in holy soup’. We are born to think for ourselves, to choose to be open to what we discover on our own journey, as well as expressing it as our own creation. Better to be lost without the words of any holy book, and find the love and awareness of who you really are, than to be a parrot of anyones word’s, including a God who doesn’t speak English, and allegedly has millions of galaxies to tend to. Listen to the wisdom of another, but also find your own way and means of expression. Find yourself, and the wonderments that reside within. Sweep out others from your mind while opening your heart to the home of divine godliness, and the infinite blessings of life.


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