Wife Ownership

Wife ownership

February 28, 2011
Man loves ownership, but doesn’t like to accept ownership himself by another. Man loves to deny, and spin to his advantage what he wants the outside world, and partner to think and see. Love is out to get you, as sex is out to play with the mind. The roots of life grow from innate sex desires into the blossoming of a potential love with awareness. The suppression of sex is at the root of inner turmoils that surface in often ways uncomfortable to healthy, open living.

Never repress or choose to censor any personal sexual inclination with a partner who you are bonding with while at the same time being compassionate and conscious. Go deep into your sexuality and your partners sexuality with great awareness and love, like an explorer. Search all the nooks and crannies of both sexualities, letting yourself see the surprises, and the benefits. Go total in communication leaving no stone unturned, or secrets remaining locked in the dark.

The old union of sex and love was one of avoiding the cracks and crannies of the mind, and heart to live secretly in repressions, and what amounts to ‘dishonesty’. Fears of disclosure are really blocks to living life fully, and in the light of truth. Truth requires sensitivity, and needs to flow from the heart and mind into a receiving, and open heart/mind of the other.

Sex is the sacred temple of god or godliness. Sex can be used to enhance love that travels into a spiritual realm heretofore unknown. Sex is a gift from life that keeps life going with all plant and animal life. Be an animal with sex, but with the utmost compassion and awareness of the act. Sex has immense value both as a vehicle for the passage of life as well as for the joy that can lead one to a spiritual vision beyond what any holy book can explain. Life comes through sex, in sex, and out of sex. With a deepening, a spiritual life blossoms, and in a sense, into a state of being ‘reborn’, or a resurrection of who you really are. The ‘Second Coming’?!

Recently a movie was released called ‘Hall Pass’ where two husbands were granted a week of unmitigated freedom by their wives to do whatever, and with whomever they pleased in an attempt to ‘revitalize’ their marriages. Not a bad idea, but add mutual total communication and the same opportunity for the wife, and it has merit!

Around the world, sex has been cloaked into something where every imaginable control and domination has occurred. Be free, and let the other be free with compassionate, total communication. Truth with sex and love will open up vistas of living you could never imagine.
Why not count yourself in?!

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