Woman Makes New God

Woman Makes New God


February 25, 2011
The God that ‘man’ has made stinks! Man has made God in his own image where man is the crown and glory of creation (anthropocentric). The ultimate chauvinism. Christianity and Islam seem to be in a contest to see who can get the most numbers they mistakenly call converts. Out of the converts, perhaps 1 in 5 ‘buy the holy line’, hook line and sinker with no openness for any other possibility. They each proudly live their lives quoting passages like parrots from what is called a ‘holy book’.

Interesting that with the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of new books published, none of them meet the criteria of ‘Gods words’ even when they make more sense! Humans are too busy to see that but for the ‘religious salesmen’, their holy book is ‘scrap paper’. The ‘unfixed damaged’ and less educated are like sleep walkers in the dark with notions of Jesus and Muhammed bouncing in their heads, not realizing that the millions of ‘bottom feeders’ are being emotionally manipulated. The manipulators have varying names from Priest to some politician who panders to those who will elect them.

Wars? All under the righteous protection of some friggin God and duty, with men fighting men, while killing and raping all that comes their way. To stop wars, a tiny minority of women must sacrifice their lives to join these thugs until man realizes that he’s killing the very source of his life.

Hell is only on earth. When life has misery, it is part of life. Death is a process of life that transcends into a renewal of life for a new body. The unworkable body is taken away for a fresh new model that comes with no memory but unconsciously of what came in the experience of life before. Death services life, as bad can be converted with awareness into something good. Man is no longer needed unless he is fully conscious and compassionate in life.

Between sperm banks and the small percentage of conscious men, women can create a world in a more loving image that God would really mean! The whole existence is divine where all can be accepted even if it is best to be converted to higher possibilities. Everything has it’s function as the thorns on a rose bush protects the beautiful rose. Real men step back and support the more feminine creation of godliness throughout the world for a life of greater joy and blessings. rhata

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