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February 24, 2011
Urinating on the truth, by spinning alibi’s for man’s behavior is to ignore raw truth. Is it an oxymoron to identify men in general as sluts, or is it just karmicly appropriate since men have called and treated women as sluts? I love people, male or female, but the level of love for the common male is ‘low’. It’s smart to be respectful, out of practical awareness for their use of potential violence. If I were a woman, and looking for real love, I’d be better off panning for gold or looking for frogs in the desert …maybe there would be a potential conversion to a prince?

I write in my own style, that defies common labels, which I refer to as ‘spiritual shock talk/writing’ to provoke thinking outside the confines of the box that rests on most shoulders which are about as creative as a slug in heat. Mixed in with the ‘SSTalk’ is wisdom (hopefully) that I’ve garnered from years of living so far with ‘intended’ experimentation that involved me from Wall St. to experiencing the female mind and heart, to tufing it in ‘body building gyms’, to teaching and practicing thousands of hours of meditation. Much of it was within blocks of the ‘Original Gold’s Gym’ in famed Venice, California where I pumped iron while pumping the spiritual also down the street and on the beach.

Men can be great, don’t get me wrong. Men are easier to bond with, but it’s wonderful to find open minded women who are just friends. Truth be known, for every woman that fits ‘just a friend’ description, their are likely 10 men open to friendship without ‘strings’. Yet, I’m not oblivious to the fact that no man in his right mind fears women when he walks down a dark street in any of our cities, or is concerned that his car will be stolen by a disingenuous man. Men generally think religion is ‘bullshit’ while women populate our churches more. However in Islam, men are seen everywhere bent over praying for more poon tang or something, here or in heaven. Are men stupid? Please ….next question!

Next question – are women stupid? Please! They are like most men without intelligent discernment from consciousness and ability to go into deep love (even if ‘they’ can’t)! Is there hope? Doesn’t snow in Los Angeles, but ….there sure are a lot of flakes! Want a war? Call men – who fight mainly because they have weak discernment, with little self love, and need the money. Consciousness with inner self love and it’s manifestation is the only hope. Seems like a path to commit to!


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