Up the Rabbit Hole

Up the Rabbit Hole


February 6, 2011
What’s reality, and what’s not real? Can we choose, or not choose to play the same game of our past that haunts our every moment in this moment, and all future moments? Fantasies can keep coming up from down the whole of time. That which causes some kind of pain is likely a misinterpretation of what really happened that wounds us. Those that are perceived as wounding us are wounded themselves, and need our forgiveness. The key to a better world individually and collectively is a better education, particularly of the human condition, and how to improve it.

Alice in Wonderland is an 1865 popularly acclaimed novel written by the English author, Lewis Carroll (aka Charles L. Dodgson). It tells the story of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world of ‘wonders’ populated by anthropomorphic creatures such as the ‘mad hatter’, the cheshire cat, and the blue caterpillar to name a few. Each of the fantasies represents playing with logic and literary nonsense.

The story is a metaphor for humans falling into a space of a mindset that trumps up self criticism and delusions over what was initiated from ones early youthful years. From it, is the saying ‘never go down the rabbit hole because you never know what you’ll find’, meaning both don’t question what you cannot see in the world before you, and ‘ironically’, see beyond what the mind really thinks is reality. The world is an evolving one, at this stage, to be one that is baring, and being transparent, shaking off the dust of what was once considered as ‘truth’. For a variety of agenda’s, so called historians have left us with mangled stories, some pure fiction, to help us lead a better life (?). Like most stories beyond the last few decades (and ongoing eve now), there are ‘left out’ important realities that change the whole essence of the information.

We are treated as ‘mock rabbits’ who are lead to early destruction of an otherwise wholesome life. The ego is the ‘invisible veil’ that serves as the divider between truth and reality. Today the addiction to ‘medications’, both legal and illegal are consuming populations of the world into an altered world than in most cases are destructive. They are money driven ‘bandaids’ that are really an antithesis to a healthy life of always following the best choice of ways, and up the path to a world of discernment to greater consciousness. Also, major mind controls, like religions and ideologies, are deeply imprinted to become addictions. We have entered the age of a ‘mad tea party’ while ‘the party of greater awareness, love, and compassion for all of life’ awaits in the shadows for those climbing out of the ‘rabbit hole’ into the lights of a more blissful and joyous life.

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