never Give Money!

Never Give Money!


February 1. 2011
Rebuff the hand that’s out, in fact ignore even those that give to others, for they are just fools. God is money, and money is God!

The real Atheist is the one who makes money, and selfishness is his path to light the way to satisfy his needs and wants, filling his unquenchable thirst for any desire he may have. This is the real American Gigolo who comes as a male or female in all sizes and shapes. This is your real ‘atheist’ regardless of their professing to believe in God. Selfishness is contrary to any possible heartfelt concern for life, except to feed the ‘ego of desire’.

Saying no to anything is suspect of all concern for compassion and love of anyone but the self. To reject others except for the satisfaction of desires is tantamount to a real atheist, and never more than a meaningless gesture to believing in a God or Godliness. Those who always look to benefit themselves, and only others if it benefits themselves, are the real ‘evil’ of the earth. Essentially it is saying no to the beauties of life as well as no to all Godliness. That behavior is the true atheist, and not the ones who professes to be.

Creating a division between life and the concept of God is just cunning behavior that shuts out all demonstrations of real love and compassion. Life and God are, ‘yeses’ and not a no. One can’t say no to the creation and yes to the creator. They are inextricably combined into one as ongoing creation and evolution. Religions have polluted the minds of billions with information that is both true and false, creating a division by encouraging renouncing this world and focusing on a perceived next world. This division creates a type of schizophrenia or splitting, and confusing people. Humanity has become divided in being whole by not teaching the ‘art of the total yes’ to all life.

Man’s attention is on this world while he fakes attention on the divine or God in life to satisfy the ego. Focusing on oneself to the exclusion of others is just greed and selfishness, and the characteristics of the real atheist. All mumbo-jumbo of a ‘belief in God’ is just blowing in the wind and lying to the world. Life is complete when evolving creation becomes the God and you give all you have, be it money or whatever, to the creation of love and greater awareness of all. Giving without the heart is nothing more than ‘ego trickery’. Most ‘believers in God’ are really atheists!  Finding and giving all the love that one has, which is infinite, is a step into divineness and godliness. Hijack a rainbow and crash into a pot of love!

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