Fly Like an Eagle

Fly Like an Eagle
January 25, 2011
Are you a liability to yourself – your own worst enemy? It’s human programmed behavior to accept what comes without freeing oneself from the constraints of habit and self doubts. Fear of flying out of the nest of comfort slowly grows into a liability to be free to find life’s many positive facets both outside, and inside.

The ‘coo-coo bird of narcissism’ serves, and lives for themselves only. The coo-coo bird has been immortalized in a box called a coo-coo clock. Before this ‘step’ in de-evolution the ‘coo-coo’ type lived life only for themselves, giving where necessary to only take and fly on to the next new set of victims. This type of character lives moment to moment but always seeking gains for gorging on selected appetites. They fly from the fear of staying in one place to have to spend time with themselves, and seeing who they really are. Their fate, ironically, is to end up to be a wooden bird with no where to go but through an open door every hour, and then back to the box to look at themselves.

I live where eagles fly above the Olympic Mountains. It’s normal to see a majestic bald eagle perched atop a giant evergreen fir tree in silence, surveying the earth for miles around. The eagle majestically stands alone, very much appearing to be in vigilant meditation of awareness. The flight of the fearless eagles gliding through the sky gives a sense of wonderment and freedom.

Always take the path of flying high above the ‘frays of worldly confusion’. To live in the depths of a dark forest within, is to never rise to the mountain tops of consciousness. To live in the light is to live in an en’light’ened world where consciousness can rise like an eagle in flight to the highest answers available. Be in the energy for yourself, only then will you have the energy to give to others which will create more love energy to fly even higher. The ‘energy of love’ is the ultimate peak of existence. Fly like an eagle soars into the sky’s of love. Unshackle the constraints of the mind, and in that freedom, soaring will happen to the only real security called love.

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