Yesss ‘Self Dialog’

Yesss ‘Self Dialog’

January, 23, 2011
Learn to say ‘yes’ to everything! Don’t ignore the negative, but learn how to rearrange it’s impact by seeking the positive opportunities within it. Start a new journey immediately, and look for ways to affirm the positive while ‘reversing the pump’ on the negative. Many pooh-pooh meditation, but all because of saying ‘no’ to learning it’s infinite techniques to suit every unique person. One meditation, which all can use is the ‘Sacred Yes’. Say yes to love and awareness, and go deep into the depths of both.

Like many, I have always liked the ‘yes’ word for positive direction. Back in the ’90’s, I selected yes as  the name of the ‘spiritual center’ that continues today. Part of the influence to add s’s to make it ‘Yesss’ was my friend, Marv Albert, the top basketball announcer who is famed for enthusiastically saying ‘yesss’ with excitement in the throes of hotly contested basketball games.

People have asked me if I meditate daily. My best answer is with awareness and heart love, live in meditation each moment, keeping the ‘yes’ as a vibration that resonates at all times. The ‘no’ takes on a different quality to those who go deep into the chasms of love and meditation. Saying ‘yes’ from the mind is a start, but opening the heart with its love and compassion reverberates and transforms the being. It’s easy to take the low road at any moment in life while the ‘high road’ is as available, but for the courage to move upward and onward with it.

Move all the pieces in your life, friends, job, living location, interests, habits, etc., to the best possible arrangement. When I began ‘free speech displays’ for example, they began on the most frequented tourist spot in the world at the Venice Beach boardwalk, and further, on the mile walk, doing it ‘exactly in the middle’! Was it planned? Unconsciously, yes! When ‘yes’ becomes part of you, opportunities and decisions that fit in harmony with ‘yes’, just happen when you go with the flow. Most are just conditioned to see the glass as half full instead of taking a leap of faith and seeing it as half full, or more.

Soon, you will come to a point where what appears negative to those ensconced in the negative, comes ‘filtered by your yesss’s, positively from within your being. In time, all thoughts and actions you do will have the magic touch of ‘yesss’. Yes to love, compassion, and the discernment for higher and higher choices no matter how small. Success is you being filled with inner ‘self love’, the rest is just on the side. Be excited, don’t worry about being happy!

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