Throwout Baby with Bath

Throwout Baby with Bath
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January 24, 2011
The ‘baby’ is your most divine and treasured value, that too often is lost, or thrown out in lieu of ‘worldly pursuits’, or unresolved frustrations that corrupt who you really are. We all come into this world with different quantities and qualities of love given to each. We all come into the world with unknown and undeveloped qualities as a ‘tabula rasa’ or clean slate. Innocence is the baby’!

‘Innocence’ is a quality that each has, and one that most cover up as the years go on. Innocence is never lost, just masked by challenges, and the lack of proper nourishing starting from childhood, but always recoverable. Getting caught up in the turmoils of the minds fears, angers, misperceptions and general negativity, represses the beauty and excitement that we initially came into the world with. The ‘innocence’ of the ‘newborn’ of all life, creates a reverence of awe and happiness that is always a gift to remember to come back to when life gets too serious.

Let the heart be vulnerable and open, trusting life, yourself, another, and others with awareness and discernment. Trust explodes love within. Trust the positive. Trust common sense. Trust awareness with a discerning nature that supports the validity of that trust. The mind is a tool. Innocence comes from the heart, and is always there, be it muffled from neglect. The mind in a sense is a slave to itself. Free the slave by being in the heart. The mind can create success in the outer world beyond imagination, but the mind without the heart leaves a lonely, deserted, unfulfilled you. The heart blossoms in innocence, the mind is dry like a desert void of all but the rare living.

The heart teaches the mind to recognize love and compassion. To give love with no expectation of return happens when the heart is open, and the mind listens to that silent voice in the heart. Let go of the mind, the you, the ‘I’, and let in the silence of life’s wonders of nature. Be just one with it’s beauty. The mind can be a ‘thief of innocence’ without the relaxation into the heart. Wars need ‘vigilance’, while peace needs the open heart of innocence. Trust that love is all around, and within you waiting for your nurturing.

Breathe in slowly and deeply the ‘breath of life’ as it will transform into opening the heart and mind for unlimited love.

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