Dob Barks at Flying Birds

Dog Barks at Flying Birds


January 21, 2011
Most humans, bless them anyway, seem to have a neurosis or psychosis like many dog’s behavior oddities. Ironically, as much as they have odd repetitive, annoying behaviors like a dog, they also resemble a type of bird – parrots. Indoctrinated, lockstep mind sets are a disease of millions of these sheeple. It seems to be a hardening of the blood vessels to the brain, deadening all thinking beyond programming from societies many forms of ‘mind control machines’.

I currently reside in a wooded, upscale street off the cliffs of the Puget Sound that I walk up and down many times each week, passing many ‘assorted dogs’ who walk their owners. Three or four of the dogs seem to bark at anything, including one who barks at birds. It’s dubiously comforting to know their owners must love them inspite of their annoyances. Dogs are dogs, big or small. They can be wonderful companions, but they all have certain programmed behaviors indigenous to their specie. Only the human possesses the ability to move beyond being ‘consciously challenged’. However, as of yet, billions fail to recognize that they can manifest this starting here and now.

One place to begin is in an ‘extreme makeover’ of one’s ‘mental state and behaviors’, and to identify canned and robotic like responses with behavior patterns sometimes called ‘habits’. One must then accept that sensitivities will be challenged in a myriad of ways as one learns to assimilate into more discerning behavior patterns. One must turn ‘barks of protest’, that are sometimes painful, in raising the consciousness into an opportunity for growth, as invisible as it may seem in the moment.

Reading another’s words over and over can become a barrier to open the mind and heart to create it’s own scriptures for harmonious living. To become a conscious man or woman is to not only self create oneself into a ‘divine like’ human being, but to become an integral part of giving back that vibration to endless others to, in effect, create a more conscious, changed world that can explode into a ‘blossoming human chain reaction of consciousness’ in a few short years.

Even a single woman or man of truth and consciousness can activate a stream of positive, conscious thinking and behavior rippling throughout humanity.

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