God Prefers Name ‘Allah’

God Prefers Name ‘Allah’


January 16, 2011
Before pointing your finger accusing me of ‘trash talking’, keep an open mind, and admit you don’t even know God! The only people I’ve met who claim talking to God are people who don’t love themselves beyond guarding the ‘ego’ that is embarrassed to admit the truth that they really don’t even know who they are. Can someone who doesn’t know who they really are, and has a spotty record of demonstrated self love, really even know what or who the hell God is?

In my dark, drizzly 5am peaceful walk this morning on the long, quiet road surrounded by giant evergreens, a ‘thought voice’ came to me to continue to challenge the ‘pretenders of believing in God’. Any person filled with the love of inner self knows very well that the word ‘God’ is for the naive to use to comfort their imagination and fears. Atheism and ‘god belief’ are mind games for those too busy to find their love partner inside of themselves.

Christians in America’s 21st century are mostly staying in the moldy box of ancient beliefs that are laced with truths and falsities as their crutch to limp through life. If ‘God’ could speak English, ‘it’ would be appalled at the millions who line up playing the ‘I love God’ game not only on Sundays (when there is no football game) but here and there in their scrambling to survive, and buy the next ‘toy’. Rare is the Christian who can even say they love the ‘Allah word’ for god! Take a few days out, and let people know you love Allah, and experience your uncomfortableness as well as that of the listeners.

Stop using the word ‘God’, and substitute another ‘word thought’. Allah is a good choice used as a technique to drown out the ‘white sound’ of not even seeing what the word ‘God’ encompasses. It has NOTHING to do with Christianity as does Allah have anything to do with Islam. The wordless, ‘all seeing eye’ of a balanced mind and heart merges into the zone of divineness that permeates all of life to see that ‘harmony’ in any and all things opens the door to fill ones being with the spirit of life and love. Chase butterflies, not an illusion of a ‘boiler plate’, common definition of God. Love Allah, but that only comes after finding the depth of fearless love within. Check it out! Crash illusions and doubts while being non expectantly open to life and love.

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