Religion is AntiSex

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January 6, 2011
No religion is against sex …. they all claim that within ‘guidelines, particularly for procreation’, they are not against it. However, they become very ‘unclear’ about many aspects of sex as well as love. All religions suggest love with sex, but the religious leaders seem to know what sex is, and yet become tongue tied when it comes to love, confusing a love of god with the possibility of of a deep love involving sex.

You can only see, and feel god or godliness on a consistent basis with deep love of self. The religions are all just ‘people vacuums’ or ‘placebos teasers into a placebo heaven’ in order to sell participants that prayer is going to burst open the door to seeing their version of god. That’s a little like sending people to McDonald’s Fast Food for nutrition. There is certainly a small amount of nutrition at any ‘fast food in & out’ factory outlet just as their are small amounts of spiritual nutrition in the ‘religion factories’ run by religious salesmen. Prayer is a peephole into the possibilities of love,
while to be come a ‘walking in prayer’ is to always affirm the positive.

Take any ‘religion salesman’ aside and question them about the connection between deep love with deep sex, and you’ll walk away with unsatisfactory answers! Love is ‘fearless’, religions teach fear… ‘Fear of god’! Love is god, then that equates to fear of love, and fear of using sex with love as a window to seeing god. Mutually agreed upon sex is always a pleasure but has little to do with experiencing the deepest love possible where there is nothing but godliness. That state transforms one into a ‘love filled being with consciousness’.

Religions need to be complimented for selling a small glimpse of love or god, even if it ends there. People are put into an ‘egg carton’, packaged as a convert, and another number that will act as an ATM machine for the spread of ‘fast food religion’. Most religions salesmen have had years of training in ‘religion factories’ that masquerade as colleges or universities.

The provable reality is that each one has the ability to reach to godliness with absolutely no religion, or belief in a murky definition of a god, in fact continued use of religion will be a distinct barrier to all but seeing rare glimpses of godliness. Only an empty mind and a full heart allows a clear experience of freedom that is beyond words.  There is one of two ways to see god beyond a disappearing glimpse, the other not being religion, is through the path of deep unconditional love involving sex. All with that experience will see that clearly as an open window. The fear is, that the experience will leave one seeing no need for a religion. It’s True!

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