Cancel ‘Tomorrows’

Cancel ‘Tomorrows’


January 4, 2010
Today is here now, tomorrow is a ‘pipe dream’! It’s all now, both memories and expectations of the future.  Actually, it’s the attachment to ‘tomorrows’ that is a liability. Freedom is paramount to the enjoyment of life, and not the chains of clinging to desires of the future that amount to ‘reasons to trick the appetite of the restless mind’.

To shoot for ‘tomorrow’s’ and miss the ‘today’ while, in addition, not clearing up the attachment to the past’s liabilities is to spin in circles like being stuck on ice in the snow. Thinking you really are going somewhere while stuck in the past is to really go nowhere. Going nowhere is the result of what you carry inside that holds back any real going forward. Desiring this and that while the inner you festers in old blockages is just masking the ‘here-now’ and future with subterfuging the realities of a ‘clogged you’. Are your ‘desires’ just a way of ignoring the need for clearing the way for a more pleasant, free life?

Each of us is a ‘house’ for the soul of the real perfect you. A house is not a home if you are not comfortable in it, and with it’s feel. The home is a ‘temple’ for the spirit that has come to grow in the ‘materialized world’, but not with living for the outer accumulation of the material, or ignorance of your capacity to evolve into a more inner conscious state. Looking for more while not tending to what is available, or needs to be let go of inside, is to live one’s life deluded.

People live horizontally or vertically. The ‘horizontal liver’s’ of life, live on the surface instead of going deep within. It’s an endless moving and rushing, missing what is going on around them as well as inside themselves. Living in the moment is to live in a ‘vertical life’ where you grow deeper in depth. Going deeper raises the consciousness much like a tree whose roots go deep in to the ground to better withstand the challenges that nature brings while growing higher into the sky. To grow higher one needs to take on the challenges as they unfold in totality to both build strength and reach the consciousness to the stars.

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