Worst Friends

Worst Friends


The worst friend one can have is the one that says, ‘accept me as I am’! The enemy is within! Be a friend to everyone, but keep the one hidden within available to all the attention for improvement one can muster up. Bring those closer who are authentic, and gentle on themselves. Make friends with the best side of you that has a passion (or needs the passion) for always having the best friend inside.

Friends that bring out sides of you that you don’t like, are an opportunity to reshape that ‘unliked’ side of you. Negative friends  need a ‘long rope’ to find other things to do outside of your company. Friends are often their own worst enemy too, and connect at times with your own worst enemy within.

Know what you want in life, but make sure that at the top of ‘wants’ is the best, most harmonious ‘you’ possible. Outer success is immaterial, if the love of what you think and feel inside is a ‘war ground’ of dissatisfaction that keeps coming up. Take possession of your life while letting go of others imprints that hamper a fresh open mind of seeing who you are apart from everyone else’s projections. Their is no moment in life that one can’t ‘reboot’, and clear the negatives while bringing the positives out and creating even more of them.

I’m friends with anyone who’s open, but open to being their own best friend, and showing that they are always cutting through to those blessings within. Anyone I’ve appeared to ‘shut the door on’, is always a friend to give to if they show up in their heart while actualizing the intent of taking responsibility for looking at, and being open to changing habits that are a distraction to others. ‘Accept me as I am’ is frequently a coverup for an ego too lazy to identify and dissolve what causes conflict in their lives.

Stand up, and be accountable for who you show up as compared to the best that you can be. Bring friends, who are good, well adjusted friends within themselves, closer while being less close with those who walk with their own worst enemy within. Clear out or erase all the negatives within, and make more room for the positives that are always waiting for the invitation. Be discerning for the best options on everything that you’re in company with.

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