Fake Reality

Fake Reality


December 27, 2010
What is real does not require belief but can be verified, and known as true 100% of the time. Perception includes the possibility of being an assumption or belief with no access, or way to verify for ‘the truth’. As a child, most at one time or other, ‘think’ someone, even a ghost or boogyman is lurking in the dark, perhaps under the bed. One believes many things throughout life that later may well prove to have been in error when one comes to know that it was never proven. Counterfeit reality?

Call ‘fake reality’ a false notion, incorrect assumption, illusion, wishful thinking, or anything based on fear and/or ignorance to be a reality even if it feels as such. Illusions, can and do have the ability to the ‘believer’ to cause infinite manifestations, from illness of some kind to actual healing by belief in that which does not even exist, or has never existed. Then there is a place somewhere between authentic reality and illusion that comes and goes. Love that is at a ‘lighter level’ than ‘deep love’, can flip flop between love, apathy, and hate, yet be considered ‘love’. Love that ‘rotates’, or is subject to ‘conditions’ is not a reality that can be counted on to be other than how it shows up – inconsistent!

A skilled magician can use illusion in infinite ways for most who don’t understand the techniques, to appear very real when in fact it’s ‘fake reality’. Secrets of ‘what’s going on’ can withhold information that will make a ‘situation’ appear one way when in reality, if one knew all the facts, one would see a completely different reality. Governments, for example, feed the populace only that which will provide the most positive response while eliminating the truths which would evoke a far more challenging reaction.

Money, power, and control are often behind false information to protect the ‘initiator’ from unwanted repercussions of the truth. It happens both in individual relationships as well as on a worldly level. Create a believed imagination, and a control of infinite outcomes of response is at hand. In other words, ‘lies’ create a ‘fake reality’ if they are believed.

The key is to know yourself, be aware, question, and use common sense to avoid being caught up in a fantasy that can seem very real, and with consequences that support the perception, but ‘is not real’. Transparency for truth evokes reality, and not a ‘fake out reality’ that may continue endlessly for those who grab on, and become identified with any belief. Knowing requires no belief, and comes to the more conscious.

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