Meditation is Useless

Meditation is Useless …

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December 20, 2010

…If the effects are not translated to a more conscious life, and that goes for practices of  yoga, prayer, as well as conforming to any religion, and belief in God. From my experience, it’s an ‘ego trip’ that results in nothing more than saying, ‘either you do it or practice it’. If these exercises don’t continue to show results in letting go of challenges of the past, and current discernment of best behaviors, it’s just a ‘placebo’ to convince the mind that something is happening when it’s really an illusion.

The fact that you are engaging in anything that’s going to make a better ‘you’, even if it’s a commitment by just saying it, is meaningless unless it’s measurable. ‘I’m gonna do this and that’ is just hyperbole without all insensitivities toward yourself, and others being on the table for an openness to be assessed. People who live alone for years, be it in a recreational vehicle or abode of any kind, tend to not be able to live with others harmoniously, and with sensitivity.

I’ve known brilliant people, who are so identified with their brilliance that they assume they don’t have to be sensitive to others, or inquire from others if they are being ‘empathetic’ to various situations, taking into account how they are viewed by others. I’ve met some who have the, ‘this is the way I am, take it or leave it’ attitude with no concern of compassion for others common sense feelings or rights. Insensitive people create a shield around them that ‘spark’s’ when suggestions are made that they may consider another way of acting. In other words, an unspoken sense of potentially reactive censorship surrounds them so that it becomes uncomfortable for others to comment.

All meditators, prayer types, religious types need to ‘fake it ‘til they make it’, or in other words, don’t wait until whatever practice is going on sends a bolt of lightening out of the sky to make personal change of evolvement. All practices of the spiritual/religious need to be reinforced at all times with mindfulness and discernment that all behaviors are of the highest order possible before they come naturally. Excuses are the lazy, uncommitted persons way of taking the easy way out of not taking responsibility for being a pro active, positive, growing being.

Opening oneself to assessment by others, and verification of sensitivity to others needs is a major step in godliness, and without using ‘unspoken censorship’. Being ‘challenged’, is an opportunity for growth!

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