Sounds from the Ground

Sounds from the Ground

December 13, 2010
Mankind must have ‘roots and wings’ to keep him harmoniously ‘grounded’ with the flexibility to rise in flight above the rattle of the mind. The predicament of those who weave a web for the delights of worldly satisfaction, is to only inherit the limitations of the ground. Animals and animal mentality is anchored to the ground. The dead live in the ground. Mankind must soar to the stars while grounded on earth to find the balance, or what only he is bequeathed the possibilities of.

The flight of the human spirit is beyond the plight of the masses who are retarded into the animal stage of ‘bottom feeders’. Seeking to unwittingly anchor oneself with ‘beliefs’, desires, greed, and myopic visions is to tether the soul to the ground of survival of the flesh. Life begins in the stars, but coming to earth for lessons to take back to the stars. Those who stay grounded in the flesh will be tomorrows ‘sounds from the ground’ buried in delusion and ignorance.

Love grounded in lust and earthly desires is but merely the wispy dusts of love. Earthly love is pined for by the needy who fein groundedness, but live in fear of flight into the unknown, mysterious chasms of deep love where the sounds of freedom’s silence lies. Living in the attachment of yesterdays, and the scriptures of ancient man are the fodder for closing the vision to see who one really is. Conversely, those who have ‘no feet on the ground’, but are ‘minds in the clouds’, are at least equally at fault for denying them the opportunity of expressing all of life’s virtues that they have been given the gift of for but a moment in time. Love demoted to treading the ‘water of stagnant love’ in a functional way for survival of agreements made in the lust of love, are to be avoided by exercising the qualities of common sense, love and compassion.

To live in the boxes of others visions or words is to imprison the soul to exclude the freedoms from the sounds of the universe. Animals are limited in consciousness while humans choose to restrict themselves by living a life of limited vision and flexibility. Truth comes in the ‘sounds of silence’. Grounded is for the material life. Unlimited love comes in the unknown secrets hidden beyond the fogs of the air.  Always, forward, upward, and onward, but with eyes wide open with ears to the ground and spirit to the stars.

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