You Attracks You

You Attracts YOU

November 25, 2010
Unhappy people attract unhappy people. Only a loving person of themselves attracts the same. Taking a bubble bath,  keeping the ‘toenails painted’, and always looking good is not what is meant by loving oneself! Don’t laugh, millions think it is, and I catch a few of them here. This ‘loving oneself’ is essentially an ‘inside job’. Of course, it’s second nature to be presentable! It is not second nature to love oneself – that takes maturity. Want to destroy an unhappy persons happiness, then match them up with someone who is really happy.

You bond with whom you are. A little know fact is that the perfect being of who you really are comes out when you meet, and are attracted to another who also has the same response, but that’s when a little known fact emerges out of the dark.  People who have unhappiness inside, fall back to that state (falling in love -no rising). If they have been so blessed to meet the rare one who is not unhappy inside, ironically, their false happiness will disappear. The ‘lower’ of internal happiness dominates a relationship. Lower plus lower is always lower. Higher plus lower still equals lower to an unhappy relationship. Very rarely do two higher in consciousness and happiness connect mostly because, individually they are in very short supply.

Start with being happy, joyful, and excited about yourself, and then you will be more likely to find some other soul as excited to create a magical combination. The need to love is mature, the need to be loved is immature. Learn to be happy alone and then in meeting someone likewise, a special, mature bonding will happen. Mostly, two people are ‘bad’ for each other. It’s a world wide epidemic of people unsatisfied with who they are meeting the same, only a little different. It’s impossible to love another with consistency unless you love yourself the same.

Ecstasy is possible only if two high in love consciousness of themselves meet. They meet and maintain their connection with a feeling, and compassion for the other’s freedom, never clinging to satisfy some insecurities. Deep love is a baffling thing partly because once arriving at that rare point you will find yourself unable to not feel a special love for many, especially those who have happiness within. Love always gives the best to the beloved even if that means giving them unlimited freedoms. Conscious humans float in a space of love for those who also do, but have the common sense to stay in careful company with those who ‘fight themselves’. Make love a serial epidemic and cast the net far and wide into the divine attraction of unlimited love.

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