Love Bomber

Love Bomber


November 22, 2010
Love will blow up! Love a ‘love bomber’, but wait until they ‘go off’, and feel the shrapnel that clings to the heart in pain. Love is a relationship between two innocent souls, but one or both may be blocked from fulfilling the merger when something other than love arises, and wounds or kills it even before love has had a chance to really begin. Love, other than for the purpose of being together to allow it to grow unimpeded by unresolved issues or ‘agendas’ that crowd ‘love’s delicate space’, sends love to a backseat in favor of other agendas or obstacles.

Love is mediocre without the ‘fulfilled love’ with another, or deep meditation alone. Love is an intertwining of energies. There is an object to the love in the partner. If your partner is happy, you are happy. It is an interdependence for love to dance, otherwise there is a feeling of loneliness and unfulfillment. Love is the movement of energy between two souls in a total let go of each.

Love is a mirror of giving and receiving. Holding on to the taking of personal satisfaction, and love is blocked in favor of a lesser experience, although perhaps delightful, of love filling the body, mind, heart, and spirit with a blissfulness not likely possible otherwise. The mind is a trap that, without a let go and opening of the heart, stifles love and deep personal enhancement.

Love is a freedom, and not an experience to possess and own. Indeed, freedom is more important than love, but ironically, without love there is no freedom. Love opens the inner doors to fly with love experienced. Love is frustrating at some point without the depth that frees it from a certain bondage. Love makes you centered, compassionate, and with integrity. Love needs the compliment of awareness or meditation to give it depth and wholeness.

Love brings with it challenges that likely are painful, but moving through that is an opportunity to grow and expand your being. The closer you get in the experience of love the greater the lasting joy. Wading in the pool of love, rather than diving in the ocean of love, is because of fear, and with fear lurking, love will never grow. To be ‘safe’ in the face of love, is to be just a ‘voyeur of love’. The door to greater awareness comes with two people rising, deeply with no reservations, in love. Love is the extreme polarity of fear. Drop the mind, let go, and ‘rising’ will happen of it’s own accord. Real love never bombs but finds ways to use anything to grow. Let love takeover your life!

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