STOP Being You!

STOP Being You!

'The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.' by myfairytale_x

November 21, 2010
Mike and Nancy:
You’re pissing yourself off too often, not to mention the others who are likely pissed off also about their own self repeating condemnations. Who’s at fault here? Making friends with the enemy within is to block making friends with the world. It’s unskillful means to keep alibing for what irritates ‘you about you’, and to be forever committed to resisting all transformational efforts to clear the inner grievances.

Nothing short of the surgery of ‘stopping’, and examining the roots of why you are in frequent dissonance with yourself, and others is a beginning. Nothing positive grows in the dark. Shinning the light on ‘who you are’ and why, cracks open the door of insight. Few escape a childhood free of some psychological damage. Leaving behind the attachment to limiting aspects of a childhood are functional steps to replacing them for an adulthood of unimpaired awareness for the inner growth of all of the qualities of the ‘real self’.

Bandaids don’t work, but diffuse or put off acknowledgement of the real problem. Life is unfair, and yet strangely ‘fair’. It’s not fair that those who let go of yesterday’s unresolved issues have to live with the ‘karma’ of them, while those who do nothing about a negative path have smooth sailing in life. Thankfully, it doesn’t work that way, and those that carry the same negative characteristics at 21, will have them, only worse with implications, at 71. Bad karma is like a car that breaks down, only to be fixed by ‘rubber band’ methods. The ‘breakdowns will continue with a major overhaul.

Ignorance, fear, and apathy are the food of people who see life as against them. Life is neither for or against anyone, but supports that which has the right balance of life’s energy for growth. Getting a suntan under a shade tree in akin to getting false input from a mind that is it’s own worst enemy. One needs to remove the blocks to positive growth and nourish the growth of life enhancing energies. To be fearful of leaving the dysfunctional part of you for a look at the real, more perfect you is, well ….really dysfunctional! It’s always time to see one’s more perfect self, or to begin the journey into the light to see it. STOP, and start stopping the chattering looping mind with the silence of meditation. Relaxing and seeing the inner bliss opens the windows to ‘insight’ of who you really are!

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