Prayer Isn’t Asking!

Prayer Isn’t Asking!


November 11, 2010
Prayer is affirmation of the positive. Prayer needs no words, and is not from the mind. Praying that ‘our football team is going to win’ is pure nonsense hyperbole! Praying for the enemy is as valid as praying for your own victory. Inconsequential! Belief is a bastardization of ‘knowing what you know’. Prayer that comes out of belief is at best
‘cute’, or a sadly misplaced use of a very powerful method to filter out the negative so the positive can flow freely in.

Man, since the beginning, has lived on imagination and illusion. Pundits came along, perhaps with good intentions, and created a ‘god in the sky’, Lord, messiah, or whatever name to corral the believers, otherwise known as sheep for the controlling shepard, to make sense of chaos and fear. Teddy bears bring warmth, and a sense of love to the childlike mind, but do not serve to open the being to the ‘closeness of real love’ later. An invisible ‘daddy’ ultimately serves nothing but to distance one from the beauties of reality.

To be thankful and grateful from the heart for all that existence provides is being prayerful. Wishing or visualizing something to occur as you desire it is not prayer. Sending love from the heart to someone with no expectation of confirmation is to exercise the purity of prayer. Prayer is the focusing of love into a possible crystallization of it’s power.

Prayer is listening to god or the ‘godliness of existence’, and not asking god to listen to you! If you have something to say to god, a simple ‘yes or thank you’ is enough. My favorite meditation, after which the Center here is called is ‘the sacred yes’. Saying yes to everything without ignoring the negative.

In the silence of the mind, the benediction of prayer can arise. Religions have created the stupid notion that we can say something to God. One of many ‘idiot techniques’ for the gullible to rely on them as their ‘spokesman for god’, even though rare is the one who can verbalize what this ‘god’ is. Be free of chatter and listen to the godliness of the universe to connect with the clear inner voice of wisdom. Hearing the divine voice within you is to be reborn as the highest expression of who you are. Be thankful and grateful!

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