Teach Me You…

Teach Me You…


November 3, 2010
…and preferably if you’ve found yourself as well as love, what you’ve found, and created within you. Everyone’s a ‘teacher’, be it the ‘negative, positive, or a combination of both. Want another to know what you know and love about yourself, even your inner qualities that are yet to blossom. To bring love out of another, encourage them to let you see them, faults, assets, secrets, wishes, everything! As you let go and open up, it’s like the beauty of a fragrant rose opening.

Be willing to open your heart and mind for others to see, particularly one that wants to know everything you hold within. Include memories, the moment, the future, as well as the inner feelings that lie so quietly and unopened by any other. Teach yourself to another, and have them teach you to the point of a comfortable, sensitive moving in closer to see the secrets perhaps uncovered, or that have laid dormant as the seasons and years come and go.

Position yourself in life, be it more publicly, so that you are in the best circumstance for another to appreciate and explore who you really are. Some are too busy to avail themselves to the quiet time to converge with anyone. That busy time might be anything that doesn’t allow quiet time. The choice is yours to make or deny. It’s like a puzzle in finding where the ‘pieces fit best’. There is much trial and error until the right fit is discovered. Life is ever changing, though, and what fits at the moment may change for a different fit later.

Always, come back to finding out who you really are inside, free of others opinions, and the infinite toys of the current universe, which frequently are a deflection from the truth within, and a waste of time. Find the highest part of your inner, and expand that. Knowing the qualities and secrets within you that you’d like to see in another, mutually share those assets with no limitation. People are like ‘gloves’ and the quest is to find the one or ones that fit best. Love your inner self, and with awareness you will attract those who do likewise. Find your higher self in another, and follow that journey to find what two create as a separate entity called an us.

Be intimate with yourself and then another, with no fears blocking the journey into the infinite layers that eluded discovery, even to the self. The journey is one of consciousness and love.

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