Too Old to Love

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Too Old to Love

Love avoids the aging. Love avoids anyone who is not in their heart. Visiting the heart every once in a rare time is not accessing love beyond the periphery. Love is a word that is used recklessly by those who have little idea what it is from deep experience. Sexual feelings touch the love nerves, but not necessarily the core of the being that is altered in consciousness as life continues.

Your life is an accident, or put another way, a random happening that has with it a choice to be a creation of anything from the heart. People rarely have any sense of inner direction but ‘helter-skelter’, deal with whatever comes along with little ‘self analysis’, and correction of path where needed for a higher realization of life and love. Everything works to get one from birth to death, however, life/love quality needs the growth of inner consciousness.

If people are honest, they will acknowledge, unconsciously, while playing cards or chess that they are ‘just killing time’. Life is short, shorter than our imagination lets us know. It is ‘time that is killing us’, and yes people do kill the most precious moments called time. Each moment is a step closer to death, and yet an incredible opportunity for the highest self realization as well as one to give to others the insight of how valuable they can be by seeing the inner love, and manifesting it.

People become too old to love at any age where they stop with loves growth. The separation of biological needs from love is a step in the growth, and maturity of love. Love is like the air that is needed, however only the chattering mind finds ways to constrict it’s use and shut down life’s most valuable gift. Love has no age, like the air. It is the breath of air which lights the compassion that rewards life. Love is in the air, that’s why meditation came about, to breath it in deeply in place of a ‘love connection union’. Clear the brain with a breathing ‘brain wash’. Be a catcher of love in the air.

by Arhata

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